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Erinys Kostnad
Trä Trä 2250
Sten Sten 4500
Silvermynt Silvermynt 4500
Gunst Gunst 480
Befolkning Befolkning 55
Vapentyp Vapentyp Distansvapen
Anfallsskada Anfallsskada 1210
Försvar mot slagvapen Försvar mot slagvapen 688
Försvar mot stickvapen Försvar mot stickvapen 688
Försvar mot distansvapen Försvar mot distansvapen 895
Byteskapacitet Byteskapacitet 440
Hastighet Hastighet 10



In Greek mythology the Erinyes were supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead. The Erinyes emerged from the drops of blood of Uranus.

Erinyes are considerably strong. They have a high ranged attack rating so are very useful for attacking. Their defending against ranged weapons is also decent.

Please note that all this data is gained from World 3 on the Bèta server. Especially the speed is not certain.

-- by Skullyhoofd