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Kerberos Kostnad
Trä Trä 1125
Sten Sten 1350
Silvermynt Silvermynt 2700
Gunst Gunst 230
Befolkning Befolkning 30
Vapentyp Vapentyp Slagvapen
Anfallsskada Anfallsskada 210
Försvar mot slagvapen Försvar mot slagvapen 825
Försvar mot stickvapen Försvar mot stickvapen 300
Försvar mot distansvapen Försvar mot distansvapen 1575
Byteskapacitet Byteskapacitet 240
Hastighet Hastighet 4



Cerberus was Hades' loyal watchdog, and he guarded the gates that granted access, and exit to the underworld.

Cerberi are more focussed on defending cities rather then attacking them. They are specialized in defending against ranged and blunt attackers especially. If an army of hoplites attack them, they have some problems. They are very slow so not designated to farm.

This unit is primarily made to defend your cities, but remember to keep in mind that you can only send it to support cities with Hades as their god.

Please note that all this data is gained from World 3 on the Bèta server. Especially the speed is not certain.

-- by Skullyhoofd