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Svärdsman Kostnad
Trä Trä 95
Sten Sten 0
Silvermynt Silvermynt 85
Gunst Gunst 0
Befolkning Befolkning 1
Vapentyp Vapentyp Blunt
Anfallsskada Anfallsskada 5
Försvar mot slagvapen Försvar mot slagvapen 14
Försvar mot stickvapen Försvar mot stickvapen 8
Försvar mot distansvapen Försvar mot distansvapen 30
Byteskapacitet Byteskapacitet 16
Hastighet Hastighet 8


The swordfighter is a defensive unit, his strengths are in the defence against ranged weapons.

The swordfighter is a very cheap unit but because of his armour it is very slow it´s not able to farm as well as other units once they are available. At the beginning everybody has 6 swordsman to assure the defence of your city.

The swordfighter is not very good at attacking cities because he has the lowest attack of all units. (Apart from the colony ship.)

However the swordfighter does have a decent ranged defence, which enables him to fight off the 2nd unit most players receive the slinger