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In the senate, you can erect new buildings or expand available buildings. The higher the level of your Senate the faster you can build
In the cave, spies can be enlisted to scout hostile cities. You can also store Silver here to pay for them. The higher the level of the cave , the more silver one can store. If the cave is expanded completely, the limit is cancelled completely.
In the warehouse, the raw materials of your city are stored. The higher the level of the warehouse, the more raw materials can be stored.
The Farm provides workers and troops with food. Without extension of the farm, your city cannot grow. The higher the level of your Farm, the more citizens you can provide for – and the more troops you can enlist.
At the Agora, you can review your troops both inside and outside of your city as well as plan your next attack with the battle simulator. You can also organise events here to raise your cultural points level
verweis=Timber Camp
Timber Camp
In the dense woods outside your City, your lumberjacks are cutting the massive trees to provide wood that is needed to expand your city and supply your troops. The higher the expansion level of the timber camp, the more usable wood is produced by your timber workers.
In the quarry, your workers mine the Rock important for the construction of your city. The higher the level of your quarry, the more Rock you mine.
verweis=Silver mine
Silver mine
In the silver mine, your workers chisel out the precious Silver Ore that becomes Stamped into Silver coins. The higher the level of the mine, the more silver coins can be stamped.</tds
In the market place, you can operate trade with other players or can send them raw materials.
In the harbour, you expand your fleet. You can construct both carrier units and battle units. The speed, with which your shipyard workers build the ships, depends on the level of the harbour.
In the barracks, you can recruit regular troops and mythical units. The higher the level of the Barracks, the faster you can train your troops.
verweis=City Wall
City Wall
The city wall protects your City against hostile troops. It increases at the same time both the base defence and the defence value of your troops.
In the academy, you can research new technologies. Grepolis offers various technologies that can strengthen your troops or enable more efficient construction of your buildings as well as provide new battle tactics. The higher the level of your academy, the more technologies you can research.
In the temple, you can worship the God of your choice. Each of the Grepolis Gods can grant different Divine powers and can awaken different mythical units to life to assist you. For both, you require divine favour that is created in the temple of the particular God. The higher the level of the temple the more Divine Favour you will be granted by the Gods.
With the building of a theatre, you can present to your population large dramas and so increase the culture value of your City.
verweis=Thermal Baths
Thermal Baths
Great importance was placed on Hygiene in ancient Greece. With the building of Thermal Baths, you can increase the health of your population and can raise the number of the population by 5%.
Knowledge is power. With the building of a library, you receive 12 additional research points that you can invest in the academy into the investigation of new technologies.
The lighthouse of Alexandria was among the famous 7 Wonders of the World. With the building of a smaller edition in the harbour area, you raise the speed of your fleet by 15% because it clearly improves navigation.
A powerful watchtower raises the defensive battle capacity of your troop by 10% and makes your City almost inpenetrable.
verweis=Divine Statue
Divine Statue
The Greek Gods are fickle and demand many signs of your worship. With the Divine statue you can show how important they are to you and thus increase the Divine Favour they grant you. If you change your God, the statue changes itself to the new God.
By means of the oracle, you can uncover hostile spies. This way you can discover who has spied on you and be better prepared for any impending attacks
verweis=Merchant's Shop
Merchant's Shop
The maximum trade ratio of farmer villages increases.