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Bygga din stad

Each building serves a specific purpose. For a more comprehensive list of what each building does and their max levels please see Buildings.

To construct a building you must be in City Overview mode and then click on your Senate. Whichever buildings you have enough resources on hand to build will be lit up. Simply hit the Expansion button under the building you wish to construct/expand and construction will start. The resources will be automatically deducted from your warehouse.

  • Tip: If you cancel a construction you will receive 90% of the build costs back.

Vad man ska bygga först

  1. Barracks for swordsmen to raid with (Need level 4 senate and level 4 farm)
  2. Resource buildings, farm, warehouse to keep up with city growth
  3. Archers so you can carry back more from raids
  4. Temple (Needs senate to level 15, quarry to 15, and city wall to level 6) or Marketplace (Needs senate to level 12, Cave to 5, and warehouse 6)

Farm Farm Farm! Never stop farming the villages for free resources. Take the original 6 swords you get from the tutorial and build your barracks as soon as possible. Then build swords til you have about 20. After that work on getting Archers as they move faster and carry more. Keep building up your farm, resources, and warehouse as you progress. Keep building onto you academy for new techs. Your main goals after getting Archers are getting Horses then Chariots and building a Marketplace or Temple, first one then the other. I prefer Marketplace first but others prefer Temple first.

Bygg inte följande

  • Senate level 25. There is no need to max this building as no other buildings require a level 25 Senate.
  • Do not max out every resource building. Concentrate on 1 or 2 resources and trade for or raid other farms/players for the rest.
  • Marketplace past level 10. Build to level 10 to send supplies directly to cities on other islands. Unless you are going to build Merchant Shop there is no reason to build past level 10.
  • Barracks past level 15. It really doesn't take that much time off your build times for units. So weigh the cost of the population against getting one unit a couple of minutes faster.
  • Harbor past level 20. Same reason as barracks.

You will want to max out your farm, temple, wall, cave and academy.

Unika byggnader

There are 2 sets of 4 Unique Buildings in the Senate of which you may only build 1 from each set. You may build different unique buildings in each city you occupy.

  • First Set:
  1. Theater - Increases the culture points of your city
  2. Thermal Baths - Increases your population number by 10%
  3. Library - Get an additional 12 research points
  4. Lighthouse - Your ships travel 15% faster

The two best buildings out of this set is Thermal Baths and Library. Don't bother getting Lighthouse unless you plan on doing excessive amounts of sea warfare.

  • Second Set:
  1. Tower - Increases the defensive strength of your troops by 10%
  2. Divine Statue - Increased favor production in temple
  3. Oracle - Lets you know who has spied you
  4. Merchants Shop - Increases maximum trade ratio of farming villages

The two best buildings in this set is Tower and Divine Statue. Never get the Merchants Shop. It only affects farming villages and being able to trade a little bit more at one time is not really a long term advantage.


Research is done in the Academy. Here you will research different land and naval units and other technologies to help speed up production, cut costs, etc. Each technology costs Research Points. You receive 4 Research Points for every level of the Academy you have built.

You would need 190 Research Points to research every technology available. With a maxed Academy you have 120 Research Points to spend. If you build a Library you receive an additional 12 RP for a total of 132. You must pick and choose which technology you want carefully.

Go to Research for more detailed information.

Forskning man bör ha

Akademi nivåer 1-3

  • (4) Slingers - to attack and farm other players
  • (8) Archers - to farm villages and for defense

Akademi nivåer 4-6

  • (8) Hoplites - good offense/defense, for conquests, slow but better stats than chariots

Akademi nivåer 7-9

  • (3) Booty - your units carry 30% more resources

Akademi nivåer 10-12

  • (8) Horsemen - great farmers and offensive units
  • (4) Trainer - your barracks works 10% faster

Akademi nivåer 13-15

  • (8) Bireme - defensive ship great for protecting harbor

Akademi nivåer 16-18

  • (8) Light Ship - offensive ship great for naval attacks
  • (4) Conscription - cost of land units reduced by 10%
  • (6) Shipwright - your harbor works 10% faster

Akademi nivåer 19-21

  • None

Akademi nivåer 22-24

  • (0) Colony Ship - must have to settle a 2nd city
  • (4) Plow - instantaneously receive 200 free population
  • (6) Bunks - +6 transport and light transport capacity

Akademi nivåer 25-27

  • (9) Phalanx - 10% attack/defend bonus to your troops
  • (6) Mathematics - cost of ships reduced by 10%

Akademi nivåer 28-30

  • (10)Battering Ram - 10% attack/defend bonus to your ships
  • (0) Conquest - must have to conquer another players city and make it yours

Total: (96) pts.

Forskning som man kan skippa

  • (4) Ceramics - warehouse can store an additional 2500 resources (extra storage unnecessary)
  • (6) Architecture - cost of buildings lowered by 10% (Useless after city is built up)
  • (4) Crane - increases building speed in Senate by 10% (Useless after city is built up)
  • (4) Meteorology - foot troops move 10% faster
  • (6) Cryptography - an enemy spy will need over 20% more silver than you to succeed
  • (6) Democracy - it takes only 10% longer for an enemy to conquest one of your cities
  • (6) Breakthrough - enables special attack that will protect more transports in an attack but sacrifice 50% of naval attack power
  • (8) Trireme - handles both offense and defense but less efficiently

Total: (44) pts.

These techs either come far too late in the Academy to really do much good or just aren't worth the cost of the Research Points they require. If you do research them you can remove them at the cost of a culture point each.

Var man ska lägga resten

After researching all the must-have techs, you will still have 26 points (38 with Library) to spend among 50 points of these techs which can help specialize your polis in certain areas:

  • (3) City Guard - You gain an extra 5 militia per farm level

Rationale: This tech can significantly increase the size of your militia up to a max of 375 vs. 250. You'll pick off 50% more of the attacker's troops. Only worth it if you are repeatedly attacked and are usually online to activate militia

  • (3) Diplomacy - You can bring farming village mood down an extra 20% without resistance

Rationale: This tech doesn't let you farm twice as often because mood will still recover at the same rate and if you farm at a lower mood the mood will decrease more, but if you farm infrequently you can gain more resources at a time

  • (4) Demand Troops - You can choose to demand troops instead of resources when farming

Rationale: While the resources you gain from archer/horsemen farming can build more troops than you receive from this, it is possible to receive troops you haven't researched and can supplement a barracks queue with immediate troops

  • (8) Chariot - Enables the building of chariots

Rationale: An offensive/defensive troop with overall stats/cost/build time per pop unit worse than hoplites but their speed makes them versatile for farming and sneak attacks

  • (8) Fire Ships - A defense-only ship that always kills one-to-one

Rationale: Fast and cheap to build, especially useful against larger forces, but does not attack enemy transports, slow

  • (8) Catapult - Tears down enemy walls

Rationale: Extremely useful in farming other players to get rid of pesky walls that pick off your farming troops but their slow speed almost forces them to be sent by sea

  • (8) Light Transport Boat - Transports less troops at faster speeds

Rationale: Almost twice the speed of regular transports but carries half the troops, however this can be offset by bunks (see below), good if you need to move troops faster

  • (8) Cartography - Ships travel 10% faster

Rationale: Only research if faster movement of ships is very important to your playing style


Resetting a technology means you no longer have that technology and are refunded the Research Points it cost. This can be a valuable tool in case you've made a mistake in research, are not happy with something you've researched, or no longer need the technology. Resetting costs 1 culture point. nv

Militära enheter

Military units are the bread and butter of this game. This is a war game, make no mistake about it. Invest in your military, especially in defense. All it takes is one powerful player to come in and wipe out all your military and set you back weeks in the game, unable to defend yourself, and losing resources and any units you do manage to build as that player farms you over and over again.

Bästa offensiva enheter

Slinger 40x40.png
7 (Blunt)
8 (Sharp)
2 (Distance)
Rider 40x40.png
18 (Blunt)
0 (Sharp)
24 (Distance)
Chariot 40x40.png
76 (Blunt)
16 (Sharp)
56 (Distance)

Some would also include Hoplites in the list of best offensive units but I think for what they cost they are severely limited in what they can do. You may want to save yourself the Research Points and forgo having them.

Slingers are cheap and you can get them very early in the game with a Level 1 Academy. They are great for clearing out inactives on your island. Cheap, fast to build, and easily replaceable.

Horsemen are fast and carry much more than slingers. They are very vulnerable to sharp weapons but for their cost this is one unit you must have.

Chariots are just an all around fantastic unit. While they are a bit costly there isn't much that can take them down and they cut through other units like butter.

Bästa defensiva enheter

Sword 40x40.png
14 (Blunt)
8 (Sharp)
30 (Distance)
Archer 40x40.png
6 (Blunt)
25 (Sharp)
12 (Distance)
Chariot 40x40.png
76 (Blunt)
16 (Sharp)
56 (Distance)

Swords are given to you in the tutorial. They will be your first defense and will continue to be a good unit for defense. Cheap, fast to build, and easily replaceable. Good for mass production.

Archers you get relatively early in the game with a level 2 Academy. These are also relatively cheap, fast to build and easily replaceable. Good for mass production.

Chariots again show up as a fantastic unit to have. A city with plenty of chariots is going to be hard to take down.

Attackera andra spelare

Attack Screen

You can attack another players city in Grepolis. There are several reasons to do this.

  • Steal their resources
  • Clear out their army so they are not a threat
  • Conquer their city and take it over for yourself
    • To conquer a city you must have a Colony Ship, the technology Conquest (lvl 28 Academy), and Culture Points.

See Best Offensive Units for best results.

You can attack other cities by land if you share the same island or by sea if you do not.

  • Tip - Attacking squads must have a total population used of 14 or more.

Land attacker

You must share an island with the targeted city to attack by land. Go to the Island Overview and click on the city you wish to attack. Click on the Attack tab and choose which units and how many you will send. Click the attack button on the bottom of the screen and they will be on their way.

Once you choose the units you are sending the runtime and the arrival time will show up on the screen.

  • Your troops can only travel as fast as the slowest unit sent.

Havs attacker

You can attack players on other islands by building ships. Transport ships carry your land units but have no fighting ability on their own. If your opponent has defensive ships protecting their harbor and you haven't sent along offensive ships to take them out your transport ships will be sunk and all the units on board will be lost.

There are several ways to find a player to attack by sea.

  1. You can go to your Island Overview and click on the Minimap and search for players on nearby islands to attack.
  2. Go to Rankings and type in a players name. Click on them and click on the Center Map button to bring up their Island View. That players city will be circled.
  3. If you want to target a specific Alliance you can search in Rankings for that alliance then choose a player at random from their alliance screen by scrolling down their member list.

Bästa havs enheter

  • Bireme for defense
  • Light Ship for offense
  • Trireme for all around best ship .However, many people dislike Triremes. You can get more power for your spent resources and population using more specifically offensive or defensive ships. That is not to say that they are useless. Triremes are especially good in a situation where you have to attack and then defend such as when you are taking a city.

Spioner och grottor

You can spy on other players and protect yourself from being spied upon once you have a Cave. Spies and spy protection cost Silver. For every level of Cave you have completed you can store 1000 Silver in it. Maximum cave level is 10 and once you have a level 10 Cave the 1000 per level silver limit is withdrawn. You may store as much silver in your cave as you wish then.

  • Once silver is put in a cave it can not be withdrawn back into your warehouse for general use.
Spionera på andra

Spying on others costs silver paid out of what you have stored in your cave. The minimum amount you must pay your spy is 1000 silver per mission. In order for the mission to succeed you must pay your spy more than what your opponent has stored in his cave. The more you pay your spy the higher the chance the mission will succeed. If you pay your spy 1000 silver and the opponent has 1001 silver in their cave your mission will fail. Successful and failed missions are non-refundable. Once your spy is on its way you have lost the silver spent.

If your mission was successful you will receive a spy report. This will list the units in the city at the time of the report, wall level, building levels, and how many resources they have available. The other player will not even know they were spied unless they have built the Oracle.

If the mission failed you lose your silver and receive a Mission Failed report. The opposing player gets a report that you tried to spy them and the cost of your spy mission is deducted from their cave as well. Think of it as paying your spy for uncovering another players spy.


The more silver you keep in your cave the less likely you will be successfully spied upon. Players that successfully spy you can better plan their attacks on you. If they can't spy then they must either forgo attacking you or attack you blindly. Silver is well spent in a cave as a first line of defense.

If a player pays $1000 to spy you and you have $2000 in your cave then their mission will fail. You will get a report that a spy was uncovered and who it was from. $1000 will be deducted from your cave to pay for this counter-espionage.

  • The Oracle will let you know if someone has spied you. It won't make their mission fail but it will alert you that you have been spied upon and by whom.

Krigs poäng

Battle points are a way to keep track of who is actively engaged in fighting. You receive 1 point for every citizen used to make the unit you killed. Your opponent receives the same whether attacking or defending.

  • Tip: You do not receive battle points for killing units that farming villages put up to defend themselves. You only receive battle points from player to player combat.

BP Worth

  • Note: The technology Conscription does not lower the cost of population used in constructing units. It only lowers the cost of resources (timber, stone, silver).
Militia 40x40.png
Sword 40x40.png
Slinger 40x40.png
Archer 40x40.png
Hoplite 40x40.png
Rider 40x40.png
Chariot 40x40.png
Catapult 40x40.png
Big transporter 40x40.png
Bireme 40x40.png
Attack ship 40x40.png
Light Ship
Demolition ship 40x40.png
Fire Ship
Small transporter 40x40.png
Fast Transport
Trireme 40x40.png
Colonize ship 40x40.png
Colony Ship
Minotaur 40x40.png
Manticore 40x40.png
Zyklop 40x40.png
Sea monster 40x40.png
Harpy 40x40.png
Medusa 40x40.png
Centaur 40x40.png
Pegasus 40x40.png

Agora Battle Simulator

Want to know how you will do in an upcoming battle? There is a battle simulator in the Agora. If you have spied your opponent and know what units you are going up against this is the easiest way to determine if you will win and how many losses you may suffer.


Click on the Simulator tab in the Agora. Input all units you are sending and all the units you will be going up against. If God/desses are involved you can choose the correct one for each player and enter mythical units as well.

Morale is how well your troops will fight. Divine powers can affect morale. This number will be between 30 and 100. Luck is randomly generated for the battle and will be anywhere between -30 and 30 luck. Luck affects the attacker only. If they have -30 luck then their troops will fight 30% less effectively. If they have 30% luck their troops will fight 30% more effectively. City Wall is the level of the defenders wall.

If you aren't sure what your opponent has then you can play around with the simulator and input different scenarios to see what might work best for you. This will also work if you are being attacked and not the attacker.

You can also input factors such as unique buildings (Tower) and premium features for a more accurate battle outcome.

Försvara dig mot anfall

Hiding Your Troops

Why hide troops?

  • It is far easier to recoup resources lost than to rebuild an army.
  • If you know you can't win the battle get your troops out of there.
  • If you aren't sure what is coming at you from the enemy you may want to move your troops out of harms way so you can be better prepared for their next assault.
  • If you've lost your army to a previous battle and someone is farming you then get your new units out of the way as you rebuild.

How do I hide my troops?

1. If you are online:
1.1 Send your troops out to attack or support a farming village or another players city. Be careful about supporting gray villages - if it collapses, you will lose your entire army in that village.
2. If you are not online:
2.1 Send your troops to support an ally members city on your island
  • Mythical units may support cities that worship the same God/dess
2.2 If you don't have an ally mate on same island then either:
2.2.1 Send your units to support a friends city on your island (you must trust them completely)
2.2.2 Send your units to support an inactive city on your island (not recommended because of the collapse risk)
2.2.3 Send your units to an ally member on another island (recommended action)
  • You will need enough transport boats to do this

If you are not online and you choose to send to a non-ally members city then you must absolutely trust that player. All your troops will be sitting in their city so they will know your city is defenseless.

If you are not online and you choose to send to an inactive city then you should try to make sure that city does not get hit by other players. Send a sword to support that city first and let it sit there for a day or so to see if anybody is farming it.

Gömma dina resurser

If you do not want your attacker to steal your resources on the loot, there are several things you may do to hide your resources.

1) Hide your resources on the market. Markets have not yet become farmable
  • Try putting your resources at a ratio of 3:1 so that no one will try to accept the trade
  • Another good idea is to set the maximum delivery time to 0:30:00, so that you limit the amount of people who can accept your offer
2) Send your resources by the market to a friend, a farm or another one of your villages
  • If you send it to a friend, you must trust them completely that they return the resources to you
  • You must have a level 10 market if your friend is on another island in order to send your resources
  • If you send it to a farm, send a farm raid after the resources so you get the resources back. This is a pretty risky way to hide resources.
3) Use your resources up on buildings or on troops.
  • Be careful about getting the resources back afterwards, because after 10 minutes, you may only get half of your resources back (90% back if the 10 minutes aren't up).
  • Don't forget your warehouse can hide resources as well. It hides it's level X100 of each resource.


Please refer to The Gods.

Erövra andra städer

Refer to Conquering and Colonising

Kultur poäng

Culture points are a necessary requirement in order for you to conquer other cities. All information on them can be found at the Agora in the culture section. In the fraction found inside the blue bar, the numerator (the first number) is the amount of culture points you currently have, and the denominator (the second number) is the amount of culture points you need to reach the next culture level. The current culture level may be found just above the top left corner of the blue bar. The higher the culture level, the more cities you can have. If your culture level is 73, you can have a maximum of 73 cities.

Culture Screen

There are several ways to attain culture points.

1)City Festival
  • Worth 1 culture point
  • Costs 15000 wood, 18000 rock, 15000 silver
  • Last 24 hours
  • Only one festival can be held in one city at a time
  • Requires the city to have a level 30 Academy
  • Worth 1 culture point
  • Costs 50 premium gold
  • Lasts 120 hours (5 days)
  • Only one Olympic game can be held in one city a time
  • Requires a level 30 Academy
3)Victory Procession
  • Worth 1 culture point
  • Costs 300 battle points (amount of troops you killed)
  • Lasts 8 hours
  • Only one victory procession can be held in one city a time
  • Worth 1 culture point
  • Costs 10000 wood, 12000 rock, 10000 silver
  • Lasts 120 hours (5 days)
  • Only one theater play can be held in one city at a time
  • Requires a level 30 Academy
  • Requires a Theater

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