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Welcome to Grepolis!

Your city overview.

Welcome to Grepolis! Your small city is awaiting it's mighty leader to help them conquer the Greek islands, however there are a few basics you will need to know first. Let's start with the city overview, where you can control your city. Once you have completed the Tutorial your city should look like the image on the right. Here are the functions of each component:

  1. This is your city from an aerial view. The most important building right now is your Senate. To go to a building simply click on it's image.
  2. This is the name of the city you are currently viewing. Click on the name to change it.
  3. This panel shows what is available to your city. The first three boxes show your three basic resources, Wood, Stone and Silver. The next box shows how many of these resources your warehouse can hold. The final box shows your free population. Once you have no free population you will have to expand your farm to assign more workers. Later on you will also have a box showing your favour from the gods.
  4. The Grepolis menu. The function of each menu item shall be explained later throughout this guide.
  5. The minimap. The minimap shows a small snap of your island. Clicking on the minimap takes you to the Island Map, which in turn can take you to the World Map.
  6. This panel shows unit, trade and troop movements in your city. To start you should have six Swordsmen.
  7. Shows a few miscellaneous functions, such as the button to report incorrect translations (this game was made in German), the current time (server time unless specified otherwise in the Settings menu) and the Premiums currently active.

Early Days

Rome was not build in a day, nor your city. To begin construction you'll need to acquire resources, which you learnt how to do during the tutorial. For the first five days after founding your first city it is crucial you keep attacking Farming villages for resources and using these to build up your Timber Camp, Quarry, Silver mine and Warehouse. This will help your city develop quickly. Note you will have to regularly expand your farm to provide for the new workers in your city.

After these four to five initial days you should be ready to construct a Barracks. This will allow you to recruit more troops to continue farming, as well as to protect yourself from other hungry players. Once you have your barracks you should begin to focus on training an army. Keep recruiting Swordsmen until you have 20-25. You can use these units to continue farming until you are able to construct your Academy.

You should now have:

  • Senate (Level 4)
  • Timber Camp (Level 7)
  • Quarry (Level 3)
  • Silver Mine (level 5)
  • Warehouse (Level 3)
  • Farm (Level 4)
  • Academy (Level 1)
  • 25 Swordsmen


From this point onwards there are many ways to proceed, however this guide shall explain the most basic route. There is no "best" strategy, every strategy has it's pros and cons. Success in this stage will stem from not only your strategy, but also your activity, your enemies' strategies and whoever has luck on their side.

Once you have constructed your Academy you should focus on researching Slingers and Archers. Archers are particularly useful in defense and particularly for farming, whilst Slingers can be used in offense to help dominate your island. Once you have researched these units you can train these units in the Barracks.

At this point you should have ALOT of stone, far more than you think you'll ever need. Well that signals it's time to build a Marketplace.